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My name is Carrie and I became a hairstylist because I wanted to make more money, have flexible scheduling and make other women's hair look more beautiful than they imagined.

Doing hair comes very naturally to me and I'm known for giving clients what they ask for.  I'm a terrific listener and believe that communication is KEY to perfecting your STYLE.  I want to send you out my door with big smiles and knowing that we've achieved your perfect hair.

As a person I am crazy honest!  Honesty helps me in business because I give you achievable options.  I would rather under promise than over sell.  I am a ridiculous perfectionist and love for my work to reflect that dedication.  I truly do want the best for EVERYONE!

I would love to begin a client/stylist relationship where honesty and great fun blossom in my chair.  Let's laugh and be better humans!

Make your appointment with me today!  Please book online with the button above.

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